Emergency Ambulance Catches Eastleigh Smash and Grab Gang in the Act

emergency ambulance catches eastleigh smash and grab gang in the act

Thieves attempting to break in for the second time in a week at the Tesco’s Express store in Bishopstoke, near Eastleigh didn’t plan for was a emergency ambulance of a 999 call to be passing a catch them in the act.

Two crew members from south central ambulance service witnessed a “tatty” Ford fiesta on the main road and witnessed three males smashing there way into the Tesco’s express store in Bishopstoke with a block from the neighbouring car wash fencing . The Ambulance crew aborted the call alerting police, and stopped the would be thieves in action causing them to flee into the nearby fiesta.
The thieves were caught on the CCTV system within the ambulance and also the Tesco store.
This is the second time the store has been targeted in a week, pictured shows boarded up windows from the previous attack. Police have arrested the gang who are now in custody being questioned.