Pilot Escapes Serious Injury Following Plane Crash on the 8th Hole on Isle of Wight Golf Course

pilot escapes serious injury following plane crash on the 8th hole on isle of wight golf course

A pilot has escaped with his life following a plane crash at the Shanklin and Sandown Sandown Golf Club, close to Sandown Airport on the isle of Wight this afternoon. Emergency crews from all three services responded to the crash after the plane ran into engine trouble and the Pilot ditched on to the 8th hole of the popular golf course shortly after taking off from Sandown Airport it is understood.
Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service mobilised resources from across the Island to the incident as did the Isle of Wight ambulance service and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police.

Golfer’s have described seeing the plane crash land on the golf course after appearing to suffer from engine failure. The Jodel D.11 is a French two-seat monoplane designed and developed by Société Avions Jodel in response to a French government request for a low-wing aircraft and is owned by Alan Hamer who lives in Birmingham. It is unclear if he was flying the machine at the time of the incident. The pilot is said to have been very shank up and upset over the incident.
Isle of Wight Ambulance Service said that they treated a man for minor injuries only.

The scene has been cordoned off awaiting the arrival of the Air Accident Investigation Branch from the mainland.

Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service Group Manager, Justin Harden, said:

“We were called to a light aircraft crash. On arrival, we were encountered with a plane down on the eighth tee.

“Fortunately, the pilot got out of the plane and was checked over by the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service. We made the area safe and police have contacted the Air Accident Investigation Branch.

“The pilot did incredibly well to put it down where he did. It’s fortunate there were no golfers around and it is a very positive outcome from what could’ve been a difficult incident

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