Breaking Parents Warning After Little girl Gets Chemical Burns from Slime

breaking parents warning after little girl gets chemical burns from slime

A warning to any parents who’s children make slime. This is what has happened to my daughters hands. It looks like chemical burns so in the bin it all goes.

It sounds like a fun science project, but making “slime” at home can hurt kids as one parent has revealed on the Isle of Wight. The concerned parent has released pictures as a warning to other.

Mark Condon said My daughter started to feel tingling and burning in her hands after she made “slime” from a mixture of glue, water and borax.

Now the father is sharing this to stop other children from getting the same chemcial burns that his daughter has got.

Homemade “slime” has been increasing in popularity. So how does the concoction burn the skin?

The culprit is borax, or sodium borate. Borax is a mineral and is sold as a cleaning product.

Borax is a mild irritant, so it usually doesn’t cause such deep chemical burns,

However, there are three factors that determine the severity of a burn,

First, there’s the length of time that a person is in contact with the chemical or the source of heat, The longer the person is exposed to the chemical or heat, the more severe the burn will be.

Second, there’s the strength of the chemical or the heat.

Finally, the thickness of the skin also plays a role, and children have thinner skin

In this case, the girl had relatively thin skin, and she was playing with the slime for a long time; those factors likely played a role in the severity of her burns. It’s also possible that the borax in the “slime” was pretty concentrated, which would have made it stronger than it would have been if it had been diluted with more water.