Hampshire Constabulary Launched Probe after Teenager Thrown to Floor By Police Officer on Isle of Wight

Police have launched Probe after teenage boy was thrown to ground with force at Newport Bus Station on the Isle of Wight on Friday by a Police Sergeant from Hampshire constabulary
Hampshire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department have confirmed that a probe has been launched surrounding an incident at Newport Bus Station on Friday afternoon.
Police were called to Orchard Street at around 4pm, on Friday 8 June.
They were investigating reports that a 14-year-old girl was missing. Hampshire Constabulary says she has since been located and is receiving support from relevant agencies.

It is understood that the assault on the teenager was captured using a mobile phone.

Police says that during during enquiries being made by officers for the missing person that a 16 year-old boy was detained on suspicion of a public order offence. In footage that we have seen a teenager was placed into the back of a Police van. An officer than turns his attention to a second teenager who was than thrown to the ground by the uniformed sergeant and put in a head lock by the officer.
[su_youtube url=”″] In a statement released by Hampshire Constabulary’s they confirm that they have launched a probe,
“In relation to a video subsequently posted online, we can confirm that we have received a complaint about the use of force. The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated by officers from the constabulary’s Professional Standards Department. It would not be appropriate to provide further detail until the facts have been established and the outcome of the investigation known. Police say matter remains under investigation and he (The Teenager) has been invited to attend a voluntary interview.
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