Isle of Wight Festival Cough up £10,000 putting in Bridge in Newport

Sources closed to the Isle of Wight Festival have revealed that in an attempt to have the back stage of the festival on total lock down organisers have had to spend out £10,000 to put in a bridge so service users at the Riverside centre can still access their building we can exclusively reveal. Many think that the festival as just being petty trying to stop the odd few who sit on a grass area and the riverbank when the festival is on. Seem a bit of an over kills said one source. Organisers could have open up a Hillside Road but refused to and instead opted in putting in a bridge costing over that seen them cough up over £10,000 in an attempt to stop people from trying to access the backstage area at Sea Close Park. The Isle of Wight Festival announced one of their biggest line ups yet for their 50th anniversary. The 2018 festival will mark fifty years of the rock festival.IN an attempt to shift more tickets they booked four of the biggest names in the business. These being none other than Depeche Mode, The Killers, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher as their headliners.