Portsmouth Charity shop horrified after Man takes donations left on doorstep

portsmouth charity shop horrified after man takes donations left on doorstep

This low life was spotted stealing bags of clothing from outside a charity shop in Fratton Portsmouth this evening (Thursday 14th June 2018).
I was “gobsmacked” said the member of public who asked us not to name them But I got a good picture of him. I saw the man driving up and take the donations I had just seen someone leave. It is understood that a member of the public brought the much needed donations down to the shop who raise funds for the near by Rowan’s Hospice on Purbrook Heath Road in Waterlooville.

On two occasions, I saw the man walk from the car that had driving up to the shop to look through donations left in the doorway. On each occasion the man picks up a bag and items, puts them in his car, then leaves.
As far as the scumbag theft is concerned I think it’s absolutely deplorable.
“For somebody to steal items that a member of the public has dropped off to a charity for such a good cause is disgraceful. He’s scum of the earth.” If the bloke was in need I am sure if he went in and asked they would of helped him.