Police Launch Scooter Rage Hit and Run Probe in Welling

Two elderly women (one in her 90s) were knocked over at a bus stop by an alleged hit-and-run mobility scooter user in Upper Wickham Lane by Cotton Road yesterday around midday. The rider appears to be a man smoking a cigarette reversed his scooter knocking down the pair and them making off at speed from the scene. Police are believed to be investigating.

Met Police said they received a call yesterday afternoon.

A spokeswoman said: “On Thursday, June 14 at 1.35pm a member of the public contacted police stating that he had seen a man on a mobility scooter collide with two elderly women in Upper Wickham Lane and make off.

“Police were informed that the women were not injured and that the incident had occurred at midday.

“The caller stated he had footage of the incident and he was advised to take it to a police station.”

Twitter has errupted in angry since the video was shared.

One user said: “This is just awful. It makes me so angry.”

Another called the man a “feral scumbag”.
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