Probe Launched after Major Fire Rips through Glasgow school of art

Fire Scotland have confirmed this evening that they are dealing with a major fire that has broken out at the Glasgow school of art on Renfrew Street in the City. Their advice is to stay well clear.

[su_youtube url=””] The Mackintosh Building at the school has been undergoing restoration work since the blaze in May 2014 but a fire has broken out at the art school once again.
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The fire this evening can be seen from more than 10 miles away according to social media reports. The campus is believed to have been evacuated and firefighters are desperately trying to keep the blaze under control.
Firefighters are working hard to extinguish the well-developed fire that has taken hold of the Mackintosh building in the Glasgow School of Art.

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UPDATE: Reports that floors of the new-renovated areas of the building at the Mackintosh Building in Glasgow have started to collapse.

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