Police issue statement after accidental death verdict of Rashan Charles

police issue statement after accidental death verdict of rashan charles

The death of father of one after he was restrained by a police officer was accidental, an inquest has found.

Rashan Charles, 20, died in hospital after an officer chased him into a shop in Dalston, east London, on 22 July 2017.

A jury at St Pancras Coroner’s Court found the officer used “justified” force against Mr Charles but he failed to follow other police protocols.

A Spokesman for the The Metropolitan Police Service Said : We are aware of the accidental death verdict given by the jury today, Wednesday, 20 June, at the inquest into the death of Rashan Charles, who died in Hackney in July 2017.

The medical cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by upper airway obstruction – created by the package Mr Charles had concealed in his own mouth – during a period of restraint by police.

The jury also gave a narrative in which they said a Met officer referred to in court as BX47 was justified in the use of force to handcuff Mr Charles and bring him to the floor.

Whilst they found BX47 subsequently did not follow protocol in responding to problems with Mr Charles’ breathing and the suspected swallowed package, and the officer should have called for the London Ambulance Service sooner, this would not have changed the course of events and Mr Charles’ life could not have been saved.

The jury found a second officer – a police medic referred to as BX48 – acted correctly in administering first aid and commencing CPR.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin, responsible for Professionalism, said: “The death of anyone after involvement with police is a matter of deep regret and our thoughts and sympathies remain with all those affected.

“Having listened to all the evidence, the jury found that the officer that day lawfully and justifiably apprehended and restrained Mr Charles.

“When it became apparent Mr Charles was in difficulty, first aid and CPR was carried out but nothing the officers could have done would have saved his life.

“The MPS must now take time to consider the detail of the narrative and any recommendations the Coroner may make in her subsequent report. If there is learning to take forward for the Met as a whole we will take action where we need to.

“The Independent Office for Police Conduct has carried out an independent investigation into Mr Charles’ death. We understand that investigation is complete and we await the findings.

“Mr Charles’ death has of course had an impact on the community and local police ward officers have been working hard to address any concerns and ensure they are visible and available to offer reassurance. That work continues.”