Thousands Queue for Hours to Access the Isle of Wight as Staff Struggle to Cope

thousands queue for hours to access the isle of wight as staff struggle to cope

Thousands of festival goers , including pregnant women and children, have been left queuing for hours in the sun as they attempted to get into the Isle Of Wight Festival. Some required treatment by Paramedics after claims are made that there was no water available and people have collapsed after moving 30 yards in four hours.

The festival’s 50th anniversary edition kick off today, but staff struggled to cope with the large number of fans arriving early to set up tents despite claiming a sell out and being caught unprepared.

Some trying to gain access to the site said they had been left queueing for more than six hours in the baking sun, barely able to move and without any water being provided. Many have taken to social media venting their anger. Some claim that there was only one search dog covering all of the queues. This is now becoming a serious safety issue. The festival has a duty of care to everyone that has paid to attend. No security or marshals. It’s a blazing hot day and the delays will soon effect people’s health. Absolutely pathetic.

Your ‘security’ was set for if you were expecting 1000 people… you knew you were sold out and did NOTHING

Something needs to be done. People are fighting each other, absolutely no indication where the queue end is it’s like a wiggly maze of people.
“You need stewards or HantsPolice back here before there are riots! This heat, lack of water, children about and alcohol involved.
The security checks are not the issue, it’s the total disorganisation of your officials not able to prevent people pushing in and organise some proper queueing measures! It’s a disgrace you have not been better organised!

Who ever organised the entry system at isle of wight festival this year needs sacking absolute shambles , stuck here for 4 hours and have gone 10 yards , There’s fucking children stuck in this queue in this heat well done
In 8 years of going this is the worse

The festival apologised for the delays in entering the festival today, this is due to extra security measures on the gates. We are doing everything we can. We have now open more lanes