Sick Baby Killer Aaron Goodman Stabs Fellow Con with a Screwdriver nearly costing him his life

sick baby killer aaron goodman stabs fellow con with a screwdriver nearly costing him his life

A sick convicted baby Killer Aaron Goodman 43, is facing having time added to his life sentence after being found guilty of wounding that nearly cost a fellow prisoner’s his life .

The Isle of Wight Crown Court heard that Goodman stabbed the prisoner with a screwdriver in Albany Prison after the laundry worker got in his space.

Goodman had taken the screwdriver to repair a cupboard door in his cell and claimed that he felt intimidate. Fellow con William Dolan had become aggressive toward him in his personal space after the laundry worker had entered Goodman’s cell to collect washing so he lashed out with screwdriver plunging it into the lag’s body.

Dolan had to be rushed to St Mary’s Hospitial for emergency life saving treatment to a stab wound after 6 inch tool was used as a shank. The weapon punched the lining of Doland’s abdomen

Goodman formally of St Leonard in West Sussex was jailed in 2002 after beating and stomping on the head of baby. The court heard in Goodman hit the baby so hard his bowel ruptured and his tiny body was left in his cot for more than two weeks next to a blood-splattered Winnie the Pooh poster. There were 63 other marks on the body of Samuel Back – including a bite mark – and traces of cocaine was found in his blood.

An Isle of Wight Jury found Goodman Guilty of Wounding. He will be sentenced later.