Driver caught filming loses car after no insurance

driver caught filming loses car after no insurance

A driver has been caught out for driving without any insurance as he drove past the scene of a serious road traffic collision whilst filming the emergency services at work.

A Traffic Officer tweeted about the driver after he was spotted with his mobile phone aimed squarely at the emergency services as they battled to free trapped motorists following a serious accident.

The accident occurred on the A14 in Cambridgeshire as the emergency services and highways officers managed traffic around an overturned trailer.

The @RoadPoliceBCH Twitter account tweeted:

“The driver of this #SmartCar was not so smart when he attempted to drive past on his phone, we now have his car for #NoInsurance.”

Ironically, just a few minutes earlier, Police Officers had tweeted warning drivers not to film the scene as they drove past.

Drivers who do decide to get their mobile phones out and film the scene of an accident whilst behind the wheel, also risk being prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

The westbound carriageway on the A14 was closed for several hours whilst the emergency services and highways officers tried to clear the scene.

Motorists are often tempted to pull out their mobile phones and film accident scenes in order to share the footage on social media.

However, it raises the question as to whether you would want your own face plastered over social media having been involved in a potentially serious accident?

Its bad enough that motorists slow down in order to take a good look at the aftermaths of accidents, without also getting their mobile phones out to film the scenes of tragedy which often accompany such accidents.

If the Police spot you filming then you might find yourself being hauled before your local Magistrates….