Ambulance crews met with rocks in hoax 13 year old heart attack call in Eastleigh

ambulance crews met with rocks in hoax 13 year old heart attack call in eastleigh

It beggars belief what happened to Emergency workers in Eastleigh earlier this evening. Operators received a 999 call informing them that a 13-year-old girl was in cardiac arrest at this property. They immediately sent a rapid response car and ambulance but when they arrived they were met by a barrage of bricks, glasses, tables, chairs and other items from the upstairs windows – some of which can be seen in this photo below. They of course informed the police as well as send more staff to the scene as the original vehicles were being damaged and the first responders we had sent were extremely shaken. Police officers then had to gain access to the property to confirm it was a hoax call. What makes this even worse is that all the staff and vehicles we sent were diverted from local people in genuine pain and distress with real illnesses, real injuries and real emergencies by our equally frustrated and appalled control room team. So if you’ve been waiting longer for us this evening in the local area, this is the reason why. Let’s hope the person/people taken away by Hampshire Police from the property are having the largest book at the local station thrown in THEIR direction.

UPDATE:Two girls aged 13 and 14 have been arrested after an ambulance crew was attacked with bricks, glasses, tables and chairs when they responded to a hoax 999 call in Stranding Street, Eastleigh yesterday evening