Dog saved from blazing hot car as Police smash window at Osbourne House

dog saved from blazing hot car as police smash window at osbourne house

Officers smashed open the drivers seat window to rescue the dog, who had been trapped for for over five hours in the blazing sun.

Officers on the Isle of Wight have rescued a dog that was left in in the car park of Osborne House in East Cowes this afternoon (Thursday).

Staff at the English Heritage alerted cops to the fact an animal had been left in a vehicle,
Upon arrival Police smashed the vehicle’s window in order to rescue the distressed dog.

The window was smashed and the owners will be prosecuted by RSCPA We have learn’t. There is no excuse for this.

It is understood that officers were in that car for thirty seconds and were struggling to breathe so goodness knows what this poor animal were going through.

Police have traced the owners and are now working with inspectors from the RSCPA.