Isle of Wight Festival ticket website crashes

isle of wight festival ticket website crashes

Would-be festivalgoers feel frustration as The Price Is Wight site shows up as unavailable when ticket sale was due to begin

The website selling the festival tickets crashed on Friday morning just after they went on sale.

Music lovers hoping to snap up tickets from The Price is Wight were left to stare at a message saying the site was unavailable as the 9am start time passed. The contact number put on the crash site was not working either.

The official Isle of Wight festival website didn’t give out much information either. This year there are no telephone ticket sales available, with all customers being directed to the Price is Right.
Fans vented their frustration on Social media: One ticket hopeful called posted: “Second year trying for tickets and once again the page won’t even load. Every year this happens.”

With a price increase on last year means festival goers will have to cough up £120 plus a booking fee for access to the site, although fans are not asked to pay the full balance until May 2018.