Fallen foul on the tennis courts. Tree shuts Cemetery and part of a Hampshire School

A Hampshire school faces disruption today as a tree has collapsed across a pathway crushing fencing and causing danger to members of the public, staff and students. A large pine tree located in the grounds of Fair Oak Cemetery on Botleigh Road has also been closed to the public as there are fears that the remaining trees located in the cemetery may be unsafe.

Security have been guarding the premises overnight and remain on site this morning with fears of thieves targeting the mass of pushbikes that remain on the school grounds.

The park ranger to Fair Oak and Horton Heath parish council wrote; Fair Oak Cemetery and the footpath by Wyvern school are closed until further notice. A large tree has fallen down and is being removed. Until we can verify that all the other trees along here are safe they will both remain closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

A post on the schools Facebook states; All Wyvern Tennis Courts currently closed including grey courts due to one of the large pine trees coming down. Engineers will be assessing the others trees before allowing the courts and the path to re open.

A Source from the school has confirmed that Students were unable to retrieve their bicycles and due to the risk of theft the school will be assisted by overnight security and once the area is made safe and the tree removed students will be able to collect there bicycles.