Police Confirm Samples Sent to Porton Down and Terror Cops are investigating Amesbury Incident

police confirm samples sent to porton down and terror cops are investigating amesbury incident

Police have confirmed that samples have been sent to Porton Down for Testing and that Terror Police are also investigating the Major incident declared in Amesbury in Wiltshire.
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Wiltshire Police g declared a major incident after it is suspected that two people might have been exposed to an unknown substance in Amesbury.

Emergency services were called to an address in Muggleton Road, Amesbury on Saturday evening after a man and woman, both in their 40s, were found unconscious in a property.

The Metropolitan Police’s counter-terror department have issued the following given a statement:

“As you would expect, given the recent events in Salisbury, officers from the counter terrorism network are working jointly with colleagues from Wiltshire Police regarding the incident in Amesbury. As Wiltshire Police have stated, they are keeping an open mind as to the circumstances surrounding the incident and will update the public as soon and as regularly as possible.”

It was initially thought they’d been affected by a contaminated batch of drugs, possibly heroin or crack cocaine.

Further tests are now taking place to establish the substance with police keeping an “open mind” as the the circumstances around the case.

Wiltshire Police stress its not yet clear at this stage if a crime has been committed.

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Wiltshire Police are expected to release a statement shortly.