Two Teens Give it the Bird after Major Rescue off Culver Down Isle of Wight

two teens give it the bird after major rescue off culver down isle of wight

Bembridge lifeboat and Sandown have launch this evening (Thursday 5th July 2018) after two people have been cut off by the incoming tide.

A coastguard search and rescue team from Bembridge and Ventnor have also been mobilised to the two walkers who have been cut off in the water. The pair are approx 20 metres above the water edge. One is understood to have hurt his leg and both are suffering from cold.

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With the light fading, the rescue operation continues over an hour and a half after the alarm was first raised by the pair using a mobile phone to the Coastguard operations centre.

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A member of the Bembridge Coastguard has been lowered over the edge of the 104 meter cliff face both casualties have been assessed and transferred by lifeboat to Bembridge lifeboat station wrapped in survival blankets. The pair have been treated by medics from Isle of Wight Ambulance service for their condition.

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More to follow