Drunk Trio Who Nicked Boat to Come and Watch around the Island Race End up being Rescued

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight police and Bembridge Coastguard have been called to Seaview Yatch club this evening.
The incident involves a suspected stolen Rib from mainland after it was reported stolen on a trailer from Hayling Island.

A number of people have been detained as a result of the incident and are speaking with members of the coastguard. It is understood that the trio has come over the Isle of Wight to get a good spot to watch the Around the Island Race that is due to take place on Saturday. The UK coastguard made an earlier urgent broadcast to all mariners to advise if the vessel was spotted to contact the coastguard on the general channel of 67. A mariner heard the trio’s call for help on the distress channel and came to their aid and gave them a tow into nearby Seaview after the vessel lost power. It is understood that three are well in drink and the ownership of the vessel is in question. The trio had no lifejackets, flares or other safety equipment or back up plans had they ran in difficulty. Near by Independent Lifeboat Ryde Inshore Rescue where launched at the request of the UK Coastguard. The lifeboat Ryde Rescue 1 have placed crew on board the Rib and has taken the rib and the worse for wear trio back to the Hayling Island were they where met by officers from Hampshire Police.

The Coastguard Team from Bembridge gave the three people some very strong safety advice about the dangers of going to sea without making full safety checks and having the correct equipment on board. The trio had gone afloat with no life-jackets, charts or radio and were not suitably dressed for the conditions at sea.

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