Police Officer Suffering Nerve Agent effects attends Hospital

police officer with suspected nerve agent symptoms given all clear

A police officer has been rushed into the Great Western Hospital in Swindon this evening with suspected nerve agent symptoms.

Two police officers are currently stationed outside the Accident and Emergency department, which is on lockdown – partients are not allow to leave or enter.

The patient is being transferred to Salisbury District Hospital.

It’s understood ambulances are now being re-routed to other hospitals while doctors await blood results.

A Salisbury District Hospital spokesperson said: “A Police Officer attended Great Western Hospital this evening for medical advice in connection with the ongoing incident in Amesbury. There is nothing to suggest there is any wider risk to anyone at the hospital.

“The individual is now being taken to Salisbury District Hospital which has the ability to carry out the appropriate specialist tests. Salisbury District Hospital has seen a number of members of the public who have come to the hospital with health concerns since this incident started and none have required any treatment.

“We would like to reiterate the advice from Public Health England that the risk to the wider public remains low.”