Parents worst nightmare after daughter goes missing at Southsea beach

From a mum in her own words with a Thank you. To the teenagers who found my daughter this late afternoon on southsea beach. Done what you could to find me and kept my daughter safe and alerted the right people!!! You honestly dont understand how much that meant to me!!Your Parents should be proud of you because I know I bloody am!!Also I want to thank everyone one who helped search for Hollie. Parents/men/women/kids!! Especially my family too You really dont know how much your help moved me.. Also a massive thank you to the LIFEGUARDS/RNLI/POLICE. Especially the 3 lifeguards at the tower. You were all amazing. I just wish I could thank you all in a better way. its not about “doing your job” as people would say. Its about how you handle a situation and try and keep a frantic mother calm too.. I just want to say.. doesn’t matter how old your children are. ALWAYS keep an eye on them. I took my eye off mine for what 2/3 mins to talk to my eldest. Looked up and she was gone!!! A parents worst nightmare!!Hollie is oblivious, but to a 5 year old I guess it was a bit of a scary adventure!!Please share this post as there were a lot of people who helped and I couldn’t thank everyone..Again from me and all my family…THANK YOU SO MUCH XXX