Devious rapist Jailed for Six years at Winchester Crown Court

devious rapist jailed for six years at winchester crown court

A devious rapist who tricked a woman into thinking they were old school friends has been jailed for six years.

Noormal Nazari, 31, met his victim for the first time on 19 August 2016 in Reading, Berks, but after striking up a conversation with her managed to convince her that they had met 17 years earlier.

The victim, a woman in her 30s, thought she recognised the defendant and believed him to be someone she knew from school.

In a deliberate act of deception, Nazari played along and arranged to meet the woman for a “catch up”, despite knowing that he had not only never met her but had not even been in the UK when she was at school, Winchester Crown Court heard.

The following day, Nazari picked the woman up and took her to Basingstoke where they spent the evening drinking in a pub.

The court heard that the pair later moved on to a club, during which time the victim was bought so much alcohol that she began to feel unwell and asked Nazari to drive her home.

In another act of dishonesty, Nazari claimed he too was too drunk to drive and took the victim to a Holiday Inn on Grove Road in the early hours of 21 August where he raped her.

Today (Friday 6 July 2018), Nazari, of Charlville Drive, Calcot, was found guilty of rape following a unanimous jury verdict, and was jailed the same day for six years.

Following the court hearing, DC Clare Hughes, leading the investigation, said: “Nazari is a devious sexual predator who thought he could get away with plying the victim with so much alcohol that she would become too vulnerable to protect herself from him.

“From the moment he saw the victim he began planning his despicable attack.

“She thought she was going out for a catch up with an old friend from school. She hadn’t seen this person for so long that she did not realise the man in front of her was in fact not the person he was purporting to be.

“I am pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing and that Nazari is now behind bars.

“I want to thank the victim for her unwavering bravery and courage, and the fact that in the face of adversity she has remained strong through what was no doubt a very difficult two year period.”

We encourage anyone who has been the victim of a sexual offence to contact us on 101 and speak with an officer in confidence.