Officers policing Trump made to slum it in make shift accommodation

Police Chiefs need to hang their heads in shame. No excuses pictures have been released of the shocking accommodation that has been lay on for those involved in the mass security operation of the trump visit. Cops can’t even charge their phones. There’s not even enough Charing ports. It’s just chaos. We’re at 10pm passing beds through to where the women are sleeping. We should be asleep. Up at 3am said one would having to spend three days in the male shift accommodation.
After one hours sleep a freezing cold shower and having to get dressed in the dark with no light there are serious issues with health and safety arising. Many have taken to social media to share their upset: They want us to sleep here for 3 nights. Then do 12 hour shifts, Hasn’t changed from the miners strike, disgusting in this day and age. Are the senior officers in the same accommodation, Didn’t think so. I stayed at Deal barracks during the P&O dispute. About 20 to a room with sufficient wash and toilet facilities, & all sleeping or out at the same time. This is a disgrace. These officers will be working 12 hour shifts with minimal sleep. And they’ll be out on their feet. Here’s where some of our valued officers are spending the next few nights courtesy of the Trump Visit. Police chiefs think this is fine. What do you think?