Police Car seized from Chippenham car park as part of nerve agent probe

police car seized from chippenham car park as part of nerve agent probe

The military have seized a vehicle from a Chippenham car park.
Wiltshire Police has confirmed that they are attending Monkton Park this morning, removing a vehicle relating to the ongoing nerve agent investigation in south Wiltshire.
It is understood that the vehicle being seized is a police car.
A spokesperson said: “We have arranged the transportation of a car from Monkton Park in Chippenham in relation to the on-going incident in Amesbury.
“The public should not be alarmed by this and there is no risk to any visitors to the site.
“Those involved in the removal of the vehicle have the necessary training and expertise to carry out a variety of tasks, which includes the safe removal of vehicles.
“We want to make it clear that there is no cordon in place and once the vehicle has been removed, police will leave the scene and it will be open to the public as normal.”