Man Claims he caught disease after swimming in urine-contaminated water at weir

man claims he caught disease after swimming in urine contaminated water at weir

A man says he’s caught a disease after swimming at Warleigh Weir in Somerset.
The weir, located in Claverton, just a couple of miles from the Wiltshire border, is popular with tourists and locals who fancy a dip during the warmer summer months.
But one man, Billy-Joe Humphries, claims to have contracted  Weil’s disease, which the NHS says is caught from urine of infected animals – most commonly rats, mice, cows, pigs and dogs.
The NHS website states that you can catch it if “soil or freshwater (such as from a river, canal or lake) containing infected pee gets in your mouth, eyes or a cut – usually during activities like kayaking, outdoor swimming or fishing”.
Posting on Facebook, Mr Humphries warned the public about his experience.
Mr Humphries’ Facebook post
Anyone with any concerns about their health following a swim at Warleigh Weir, or any other water attraction of a similar nature, should contact their doctor or call 111 for advice.