Shocking Footage appears of a horse neglected and belonging to Annette Nally

shocking footage appears of a horse neglected and belonging to annette nally

No one wants to see this but Annette Nally needs to be banned from owning animals and taken to court. In a shocking video taken by concerned horse lovers at a stables on Astwood Lane Redditch of where the neglect has taken place.

The woman who has asked not to be named but has spoken out to protect other animals in Nally care. The horses were left with no hay and water and had rugs left on it baking heat trapped in a stable. How can you let any horse get in this state and for the RSPCA to ignore it. A foal has loses his mother due to the neglect. The horse has been left traumatised after seeing one of it’s own lose the battle to live and other horses are still stuck in the same situation. Despite reports to the RSCPA they have failed to act on any information passed to them and allowed for the animals to remain. We have approached the RSCPA for Comment

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