DVLA warn of Text scam

dvla warn of text scam

Drivers are being warned about a new DVLA text scam that cheats recipients out of money by claiming to be a VED road tax refund.

The RAC claims that motorists are being targeted with promises of sizable refunds that will be paid direct into their bank accounts if they submit a few seemingly harmless personal details.

The scam involves a text message from the fraudsters that poses as the DVLA, offering money back following a change road tax legislation. The victim is then instructed to click a link and fill in a form with personal bank account details.

“The cost of motoring is a big concern for motorists, so the offer of an unexpected tax rebate can sound very tempting,” said Pete Williams of the RAC.

“Always be wary of any request asking for personal information and be alert to any offer that sounds too good to be true,” he added.

Potential confusion over  changes to the system is thought to have given fraudsters the incentive to target innocent motorists with promises of big refunds; however, the DVLA has said it “doesn’t send emails or text messages that ask you to confirm your personal details or payment information, such as for a vehicle tax refund”.

Drivers who suspect they are being targeted by scam emails or texts are urged to report the incident by sending the details to the Government’s dedicated