Concerned Residents of Portsmouth Flats on Lock down Name attacked Victims

concerned residents of portsmouth flats on lock down name attacked victims

Concerned residents who called Police to Wilmcote House just after 8.30pm on Friday evening after a get together turned sour have spoken of the shock to find out the pair attacked are known to them. Police told residents to stay away from Wilmcote House amid an “on-going incident.

Armed police officers remain at the scene , along with 7 police cars and an ambulance. The third floor of the tower block remains under lock down by cops after they were called to the incident just after 8.30pm on Friday evening.
A resident who asked not to be named said the pair who had been attacked were really nice guys they are both in relationships one is going out with the mother and other with the daughter. Naming them as Connor Collins who works at a local fast food burger joint in Portsmouth and Craig Howard is a groundwork. Police remain on the scene at the flats taking statements and to reassure residents by their presences We have approached Hampshire Constabulary for a statement. It is unclear if their attackers are still outstanding. Two people have been taken to hospitial.