Thousands of Homes on the Isle of Wight left without Power after a large-scale power cut

thousands of homes on the isle of wight left without power after a large scale power cut

Thousands of people have been affected following a fault on a High Voltage power cable that went down in the early hours of the morning leaving many homes without power on the Isle of Wight. Homes are in darkness along with street lights and traffic lights also effected. Resident have been affected by the outage in the following area: Brighstone, Mottistone, Calbourne, Shalfleet, Arreton, Brook, Isle of Wight, Shorwell, Chillerton, Merstone, Porchfield, Kingston, Isle of Wight, Hulverstone, Yafford, Limerstone, Downend, Isle of Wight, Horringford, Newport, Five Houses, Isle of Wight, Barton, Isle of Wight, Billingham, Newtown, Rowridge, Ningwood, Gatcombe, Bowcombe, Sandy Way, Locksgreen, Blackwater, Seaview, Nettlestone, Shanklin, Ventnor, Ninham, Wroxall and Luccombe areas. Many lost power just 4am on Tuesday morning. Scottish and Southern Energy say they have engineers who are on site working to get the power back on as quickly as they can. If you need more information, please call us on 0800 072 7282 or 105. SSE has said they do not expect power to be restored until at least 6am.

Scottish and Southern Energy have said that the following areas have been affected

PO30 1NR PO33 1AA PO33 1AB PO33 1AE PO33 1AN PO33 1AP PO33 1AW PO33 1BL PO33 1BN PO33 1BP PO33 1BS PO33 1BW PO33 1DL PO33 1DN PO33 1DR PO33 1DT PO33 1DU PO33 1DX PO33 1ES PO33 1EU PO33 1FE PO33 1FF PO33 1FG PO33 1FJ PO33 1FL PO33 1FN PO33 1FQ PO33 1HH PO33 1HL PO33 1HS PO33 1HU PO33 1JF PO33 1JG PO33 1JH PO33 1JJ PO33 1JL PO33 1JQ PO33 1JT PO33 1JU PO33 1JZ PO33 1LA PO33 1LB PO33 1LD PO33 1LE PO33 1LF PO33 1LG PO33 1LH PO33 1LJ PO33 1LL PO33 1LN PO33 1LP PO33 1LQ PO33 1LR PO33 1LS PO33 1LT PO33 1LU PO33 1LW PO33 1LX PO33 1LY PO33 1NA PO33 1ND PO33 1NE PO33 1NF PO33 1NG PO33 1NH PO33 1NJ PO33 1NL PO33 1NN PO33 1NP PO33 1NQ PO33 1NR PO33 1NS PO33 1NT PO33 1NU PO33 1NW PO33 1NX PO33 1PA PO33 1PB PO33 1PD PO33 1PE PO33 1PF PO33 1PG PO33 1PH PO33 1PJ PO33 1PL PO33 1PN PO33 1PQ PO33 1PR PO33 1PW PO33 1QU PO33 1QX PO33 1RA PO33 2BA PO33 2BB PO33 2BD PO33 2BE PO33 2BH PO33 2BJ PO33 2DD PO33 2DL PO33 2FF PO33 2HG PO33 2JS PO33 2LT PO33 2PQ PO33 2RA PO33 2RR PO33 2RS PO33 2RT PO33 2RU PO33 2RY PO33 2TN PO33 2TS PO33 2TW PO33 2TX PO33 2TY PO33 2TZ PO34 5AR PO37 6AF

On their website, SSE has said “There is a power cut in this area. Our engineers are working hard to restore your electricity and it should be restored by 6am”in a statement.

“If you are without power or are experiencing problems with your electricity supply, please try resetting your trip switches or contact us on 105 for help. Thanks for your patience and understanding.”