Antisocial individuals are out in force on the Hamble Harbour

antisocial individuals are out in force on the hamble harbour

The summer holidays have arrived, the sun is shining (and continues to do so, in this unprecedented spell of fine weather) but alas, sadly, a number of unsociable youthful individuals are out in force on and around the river seemingly determined to spoil everyone else’s enjoyment. With little or no respect for others, these miscreants do not appear to have any idea about how they should behave and are clearly hell-bent on making the lives of other river users (and those who operate vital services for our community) lives a misery. This message is not directed at every youth and as always, the few are giving all of the others a bad name.

Most recently these individuals are affecting the smooth operation of the Pink Ferry and Water Taxi, services which we all know and love and would hate to be without. The potentially devastating consequences of swimming in the vicinity of moving propellers cannot be overemphasised. A message the River Hamble Harbour Authority staff are constantly delivering to the younger members of our community, some of whom wittingly believe it is their right to be able to swim where they please. Perhaps more worryingly though is their lack of respect toward Hamble Lifeboat. The repercussions that damage to the lifeboats or any of the lifesaving equipment could cause, goes without saying!


Whilst telephone calls reporting any incidents are welcome at the Harbour Office, where there is misconduct by groups or individuals on or about the water, which amounts to a public nuisance. Please help us to raise awareness, by calling 101 (non-emergency) and importantly quote reference Z Occ: 44180173073 (this reference will allow the 101 reception to identify the nature and back ground to previous incidents).

In all cases where there is a real risk to personal safety (including their own) or involves criminality that is taking place or considered an emergency (physical threats, criminal damage etc.) then call 999. Our powers as the Harbour Authority are somewhat limited and therefore every incident that is reported will go some way towards helping our continued fight against this antisocial behaviour.

We at the River Hamble Harbour Authority, exist to ensure that all our river users remain safe when going about their business. Enjoying the water and the wonderful environment the River Hamble has to offer. Sadly, the actions of a number of individuals continue to present challenges which place a huge drain on the time and resources of both ourselves and the police. More recently, certain individuals have now taken to repeatedly calling the Harbour Office phone (including the mobile) reporting hoax information about youths damaging boats in an attempt to divert our valuable Patrol resources and waste our time. The ramifications of bogus calls are understood by all…Making hoax and malicious calls is a criminal offence.


Where possible (and please do not put yourself at risk in doing so) we would ask that any footage (photographic or video) of examples of misconduct be sent to us