Discarded disposable barbecue caused Fire in Old Park Hotel Woods in Ventnor

discarded disposable barbecue caused fire in old park hotel woods in ventnor

A discarded disposable barbecue on a beach is thought to be the cause of a fire that has destroyed hundreds of metres of woodland in the grounds of the Old Park hotel in St Lawerance near Ventnor Yesterday
The fire started around 2.30pm yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 25th July).
The fire was brought under control by crews from across the Isle of Wight using more than six fire engines who spent nearly eight hours tackling the blaze.

Emergency services are urging the public not to set campfires or to use barbecues in open spaces during this hot dry weather which is set to continue. An Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue spokesman said “Disposable barbecues are particularly problematic as they can be windblown, and, if placed directly on the ground, cause damage to the important grassland vegetation underneath. With the hot weather forecast for at least another week, we are asking the public to be vigilant to reduce the chance of a wildfire
We would also ask people to be extra cautious when lighting barbecues, campfires and bonfires.

Here are some safety tips from the Isle of Wight Fire services who are asking the public to help prevent further outdoor blazes in the current heatwave by following these steps:

Only light barbecues where they are permitted – in suitable and safe areas; never leave them

Never use petrol, it can ignite quickly and soon get out of control. Only use approved lighting

Make sure it is downwind and at least 10 metres away from any buildings or structures.

Clear dry vegetation, such as leaves, to form a circle of earth around the fire.

Never leave fires unattended and make sure they are fully extinguished after use.

Extinguish cigarettes properly, don’t throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of car windows.

Take your rubbish with you, especially glass bottles, which can magnify the sun’s rays and
start a fire as well as hurt people and animals.

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