Exclusive Surrey police officers told to avoid Dogging area as it violates Doggers ‘human rights’ violations.

exclusive surrey police officers told to avoid dogging area as it violates doggers human rights violations

Officers from Surrey Police received an email from Top bosses advising them to avoid the area. Police Officers have been told not to go near a well-known dogging site in Ockham and Wisley Woods. Bosses feared having their knuckles wrapped for potential ‘human rights’ violations.

For those of you who may not know, ‘dogging’ is best described as men and women meeting up in car parks in order to do rude ‘stuff’ to one another.

Police Officers may sometimes frequent these well-known locations, in order to provide ‘re-assurance patrols’ to anyone who might feel that they need ‘reassuring’.

For example, maybe a genuine dog walker who perhaps might wonder why there are three blokes are all stood around a car masturbating whilst the occupants make the ‘most of the hot weather’.
Our Source, who wanted to remain anonymous told us:

“A few years back we used to sit up on our patrol route at a well known dogging area.

“during the day it is a lovely car park with picnic area which includes a cafe, toilets etc.

“At night it turns into a dogging area used by all.

“We were talking to the local police one day about this place and they were warned (and so the same message was given to us) that by parking up after dark in the car park we all could be seen by the doggers as infringing their human rights.

“We were trying to laugh it off thinking it was just a joke but was told that a complaint had been made and they (the police) and us (wombles) should just keep away so as not to upset the situation.

“ok – we occasionally go in no lights on then light up everything we have just to watch the people scatter lol”.