Man from West Sussex travelled 330 Miles to Meet underage Child

man from west sussex travelled 330 miles to meet underage child

Robin Mays,49, travelled 330 miles from #Lewes which is just outside of #brighton to meet what he believed to be a 13-year-old female for sex and sexual activities. When he arrived he quickly realised the 13 year old female he had been speaking to was not real and was in fact a member of the Guardians of the North behind the false account, while traveling to meet the decoy he removed his wedding ring and when we questioned him on why he had arranged to meet the child his reply was he was in a mess and needed someone. The Police were contacted who turned up shortly after and arrested the male
Mays was up to court on Thursday and received –

12 months imprisonment

8 weeks imprisonment for pornographic images of women including sex with animals

8 weeks imprisonment for possessing images of children category b & c

10 years sexual harm prevention order

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