Dog walker kicked in the face after asking Yobs to pick up Glass Bottles on Cowes Seafront

A dog walker was left with cuts and bruising to his head after he asked yobs who’d smashed bottles to pick up them up.

The victim in the mindless assault who has asked not to be named release a picture via friends of his injuries in an attempt to have those involved in the mindless attack brought to justice.

The mindless attack happened on Bath Road in Cowes on the Isle of Wight on Thursday evening at around 11.30 pm.

I was out walking where I take the dog all the time. There was a group of low life’s smashing glass bottles on the road and throwing them.

I was worried that it may cause a fire or my dog or other may get cuts from it.

I asked them very nicely to pick it up and explained my reasoning.
They then (The yobs) turned around and that was when I was smashed in the face.
I fell to the ground I felt my legs go.
It was whilst I was on the floor than one of them kicked me in the side of my face all for asking them to pick up the bottles that they had smashed.

The group them thought it was funny they then laughed and ran off.

Many have taken to social condemning the attack.

Gem Casson said Oh my god that’s awful! Hope you find the cowardly scrotes and they get put away. Hope you recover quickly.

Barry Pease said Shocking and these people need locking away pronto and heavy manners supplied

Victoria Goldsmith said Jeeez! Poor chap.. Hope the culprits are caught and not necessarily by the law! There really are some vile sporn out there.

Hope the guy makes a full recovery, though I’m sure this will have an impact on him for some time to come.

Hampshire Constabulary says they received a report that a man, believed to be in his 40s, had been “assaulted” on Bath Road in the town.

The force says the incident happened at around 11.32 pm on Cowes seafront.

The man sustained cuts to his head.

If you can help, call 101 and quote 44180283639, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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