Police board up home of suspected killer due to worries of reprisal attacks in Southampton

police board up home of suspected killer due to worries of reprisal attacks in southampton

Members of a community at the centre of a murder enquiry have spoken of their disbelief at being caught up in a media frenzy.
The last few days have seen the UK’s press descend upon Mansel Road East in Southampton
The mid terrace property, set in an unassuming road has been the subject of a heavy police presence. Strangely four CCTV camera are seen on one window ledge within the property.
This afternoon five Southampton City council van arrived with eight workers to measure up and boarded up the windows and doors at the property of belonging to his Mum Teresa, 49 who he currently shares after worries of reprisal attacks. mum has since fled the property and police removed her belongings into a police van. The major search continues five days on after the grim find by a dog walker of the missing Southampton teenager found facedown in the wasteland at a Southampton Sports Centre.

A neighbour said that she returned home to find that the house had been boarded up.
she explained: “I noticed it all happened this afternoon.”
The neighbour added that she was shocked to witness the sudden interest in the house.
She said that she knew the 24-year-old occupant and had known the mum and his sister, he was quiet and would only say hello to him if passing a bit of a mummy boy.

Another female neighbour said:”Members of the media maintained a smaller presence in the area, some conducting radio interview and pieces to camera as others took photographs of the house involved.
The neighbour described the attention from the press as “unbelievable”.
Another man who returned from to find the house boarded up said: “It’s been very busy here and the forensics officers have been in and out of the house.
“There has been a police car present for the last few of days but now.
“It hadn’t too bad before because the house was all sealed off and they couldn’t get near.
“It’s a surprise and a shock.
“I saw him walking about with his bag and was having a fire in the back garden on Wednesday afternoon I thought it a bit strange to have a BBQ.

Meanwhile, Stephen Nicholson dressed in a grey top gave his name and confirmed his date of birth during a 40-minute appearance at Southampton Magistrates’ Court this afternoon. Bail was applied for but refused by the court.
Nicholson will now appear at Southampton Crown court via Video link from Winchester prison on the 31st August.