Police Launch Road Rage Probe after Driver attacked on Coppins Bridge Roundabout in Newport

police launch road rage probe after driver attacked on coppins bridge roundabout in newport

Hampshire Constabulary have launched an investigation after a driver was attacked and pulled from his vehicle. The driver was pulled out of his car and then punched a number of times and thrown over his car by another driver and thrown into a wall following a collision on Coppins Bridge in Newport this afternoon. Officers from Hampshire Police and Paramedics from the Isle of Wight ambulance service was called to the incident just before 6pm on Tuesday evening. Witnesses say that a man jumped out of a Siver Nissan Qashqai and than pulled a man out who was wearing a red and black top there was some a lot of hot headiness. Next thing was the man from the Qashqai was hitting the man and then threw him over the car and then up a wall. It didn’t look nice I had the kids in the car at the time. I just can’t believe that this has happened on our pretty Island Police say a number of people would have witnessed the attack. The man has been treated by paramedics. Anyone who may have witnessed or captured the incident on Dashcam is asked to contact the Police on 101.