BREAKING NEWS:Northwood Property in Lockdown after Armed Stand off with Police

breaking newsnorthwood property in lockdown after armed stand off with police

Armed Police officers from Hampshire Constabulary have put a house in lockdown this afternoon after a man has threatened to come down and do them (Officers). Eight Police units remain in Pallance Road, Northwood on the outskirts of Cowes. Officers were called just after 12.30pm on Thursday afternoon. The road remains a sea of emergency services. A Police helicopter from the National Air support has been called to assist with the incident.
It is understood that the man in his 20’s is on a roof with a piece of wood with mental health issue.

Island doctors were meant to have attended the ill man but failed to turn up. Officers have brought in specialist negotiators to the detected property to try and reason and convince the man to come down. A Police dog handler has just removed a can of fuel from the property. The man has made a demand that he wants some cigarettes. Concerned family members of the man have returned to the property.
A local business has brought food to the property as the three-hour standoff continues

More to follow
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