Drinking Driver jailed after mowing down Man in Street following argument

drinking driver jailed after mowing down man in street following argument

A drink-driver was stopped in Ashford after hitting a man with his car following an argument in the street.

Kent Police officers were called to Vicarage Lane car park at around 4am on Sunday 1 April 2018 where Terry Dunne had been seen on CCTV hitting a man with his car and then fleeing the scene.

Dunne, 31, of Knockhall Road in Greenhithe, was driving a white Range Rover when he was pursued by police for around 100 yards, stopped and arrested in Station Road.

Once in custody, Dunne was found to be almost twice over the drink driving limit and during his first interview admitted his driving ‘wasn’t the best’ but said he’d never intended to hit the man.

CCTV however showed him purposely driving into the 48-year-old victim following a row involving a group of people. Dunne then drove away leaving his victim on the floor with injuries.

The victim was taken to a London hospital for treatment.

Dunne later pleaded guilty to the charges of grievous bodily harm and drink driving and was sentencing to six years in prison at Canterbury Crown Court on 20 July 2018. He was also banned from driving for 65 months.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Kirsty Gee said: ‘Dunne used the force of a car to purposely hit his victim and cause him harm. He showed no remorse for his actions as he sped away leaving him on the floor all the while knowing he was on the road with alcohol still in his system.

‘The victim was lucky not to have received more serious injuries as a result of the attack.

‘There is never an excuse for premeditated violence and Dunne was well aware of his crimes as he fled the scene whilst over the limit. Thankfully he will now serve time in prison where he can no longer pose a threat to the public.’