£10,000 Reward offered for Information in Lucy Murder

10000 reward offered for information in lucy murder

Crimestoppers has offered a £10,000 reward for information which leads to the killer of Lucy McHugh being caught and convicted. Police are trawling through over 15,000 hours of CCTV. A Southampton carer worker and family friend Stephen Nicholson, 24 was been arrested and released on bail for murder whilst police search for the weapon.
A family friend has made claims that Nicholson came home and smashed up Lucys phone after her mum is understood to have taken it and said she was going to the Police after hundreds of messages revealed Nicholson was in a relationship despite her allowing the relationship. To continue behind closed doors.

Lucy McHugh, 13, was found dead about 24 hours after going missing, with police now searching for the “sharp implement” that claimed her life.
A Source within then investigation said: “We are keen to hear from anyone who has found a sharp implement and an Myno other information that can help move on the investigation. A young life has been taken and loyalty needs to go out the window. If you know something please tell us to help convict the killer

If you to claim the reward call crime stoppers and they will give you. A code [su_youtube_advanced url=”″ autoplay=”yes” rel=”no” fs=”no”]call back and they will tell you if your information has helped no name no pack drill you can go to a named bank with the code and claim the reward.