Tragic Reminder to play safe around cliffs after 9 year old girl killed

tragic reminder to play safe around cliffs after 9 year old girl killed

The UK Coastguard are urging visitors to keep a safe distance from the top and the bottom of cliffs after a cliff fall today which injured a teenage girl and a further incident that sadly saw the loss of a 9-year-old girl.

The tragic death of a 9-year-old girl killed by a rockfall in North Yorkshire yesterday is a reminder of the dangers that are posed by the cliffs around our coast. Isle of Wight beachgoers are urged to stay well away from the base of cliffs and a recent fall at Yaverland shows how far a fall can extend on to the beach. Several hundred tonnes fell at Redcliff over the past couple of days in a separate incident the coastguard was alerted to an incident at Happisburgh Beach where a young girl at the base of the cliff was injured by a relatively small cliff fall. East Of England Ambulance Service attended and Bacton Coastguard Rescue Team was sent to help. The young lady was airlifted to hospital by the East Anglian Air Ambulance with suspected head and back injuries.

Bacton Coastguard Rescue Team reported that many cliffs have become particularly unstable after the very dry weather, followed by recent rain and now drying again in this current period of warm weather and creating a higher risk of instability than normal.

UK Coastguard advice is to avoid walking anywhere near the edge of the top of cliffs and also don’t sit too near the base of cliffs either in case of a fall.