Major Search after smash Boat Wreckage Washes up on the Needles

major search after smash boat wreckage washes up on the needles

A major search operation is taking place off the Needles after the wreckage was spotted just after 11.15am on Friday.
Two Coastguard Rescue Team from Ventnor and Needles and at the top of the cliffs setting up a rope system.

Two Coastguard Rescue Officers have been lowered over the edge of Tennyson Down to investigate the wreckage they have recovered a fender from the boat and searches are continuing. there is a strong smell of oil on the wreckage that indicates that the boat may have sunk whilst at sea.
[su_youtube url=””] The Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter from Lee-on-Solent is now on the scene and is conducting an aerial search of the area along with two lifeboats from Lymington and Mudiford.

The UK Coastguard have issued an appeal for the owner of the boat come forward: HM Coastguard is appealing for the owner of a blue vessel to come forward or to anyone that might have information about a blue vessel in this area after debris found at #ScratchellsBay near #Needles earlier this afternoon. Search operation ongoing
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