“Ill feeling” over parking tickets issued as families enjoyed Cowes Red Arrow Display

ill feeling over parking tickets issued as families enjoyed cowes red arrow display

Residents have criticised a decision to send two parking wardens to patrol a road – while residents and visitors enjoyed an official Red Arrows display to mark the closing of Cowes Weekend 2018

Organisers urged “as many people and families from across the Island and support the event to attend and ahead of t and “show spirit”

But as the Red Arrows flew in at 7.30pm and the lines of smoke were being shot across the sky shortly afterwards, two parking wardens were busy placing tickets on cars.

A total of 30 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued in Baring Road by parking enforcement officers from Isle of Wight Council, who are employed to enforce parking on the main streets in and around the Island.

Most of those to receive tickets had parked at the top end of the town to watch the displays.

but some people have claimed that for people travelling from out of town these car parks weren’t easy to locate.

Several people vented their feelings, One resident said; “Where should people from out of town park exactly? When the biggest place to park is taken over by an event that we want and invite people from local towns to attend? The problem is not with people parking it’s the council not providing enough places to park!”

Others said people could have avoided by parking in the correct places. Everyone moans about parking, then when they enforce it, they moan! You can’t have it both ways.”

One shocked Resident who asked not to be named said he didn’t receive a penalty notice, but he felt annoyed after seeing two wardens placing tickets on cars as he left the display. He said the town council had encouraged people from outside to visit the town for the display and then given them a parking penalty at 7.15pm on a Friday in return.

“It took my breath away, to be honest,” he said.

“Nobody had blocked anybody in, it was common sense parking.

“In one breath they want people to come and join in Northallerton’s celebration, then they do this. It’s shooting themselves in the foot.

“Who sent them? To send two seems malicious. Technically they were right, morally they were wrong. Was it worth it for all the hassle and ill-feeling it caused? I don’t think so.”

We have approached the Isle of Wight Council for comment

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