Major Broadband Black out on the Isle of Wight

major broadband black out on the isle of wight

Hundred of Homes have been left without access to broadband on the Isle of Wight following a fault we can reveal

Spare a thought today for the residents and businesses in parts of Island that have been left without working broadband services. The situation began after a one of Openreach’s Line Card developed a fault, which has apparently been complicated to fix.

The majority of network faults, including plenty of major cable breaks, tend to be fixed within a couple of working days at most. Naturally, exceptions can occur, such as in remote rural areas where local resources may be limited or where delays with access, planning or power may become unexpected obstacles.

Unfortunately, those affected are likely to be without service until at least Wednesday as the card needs to as be specially ordered. The faulty is effecting BT, Talk Talk and Sky customers that come of parts of the Newport exchange. Customers are advised to report the fault and have their service provider raise it to add to the growing numbers already reported to Openreach.