Scumbag Nathan Hobbs Jailed after attacking Gosport PCSO

scumbag nathan hobbs jailed after attacking gosport pcso

A Gosport man has been sentenced to twenty-six weeks in prison after admitting assaulting a PCSO in the town and other offences.

Nathan James Hobbs of St Vincent Road appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court on Thursday 9 August after entering guilty pleas. The 29-year-old was sentenced to the following:

Twenty-six weeks in prison for assault thereby occasioning actual bodily harm.
Two weeks in prison for theft of a bicycle to be served concurrently.
Hobbs also admitted two thefts from shops which the court ruled he would receive no separate penalty for.
Investigating officer PC Fran Vasko said: “A PCSO in Gosport had detained Hobbs who was wanted for theft on Tuesday 7 August. Hobbs pulled away with such force while she was using her radio to call for assistance that he broke her middle finger. Later in custody Hobbs also admitted the theft of a bicycle and two shoplifting offences.

“Policing does come with an element of risk, the nature of the role is that we move towards danger rather than away from it. However, a direct assault on any officer is unacceptable. This sentence sends a clear message from the court that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and I hope that it provides some re-assurance to the PCSO involved”.