Major Rescue operation to free Person trapped in Mud in Southampton

major rescue operation to free person trapped in mud in southampton

A major rescue operation involving the Two Coastguard search and rescue teams from Hillhead and Southampton, An RNLI Lifeboat from Calshot and fire crews from Hampshire Fire and rescue and Paramedic from Southcentral ambulance service is taking place near Merlin Boat Yard, Hazel Road, Itchen in Southampton to rescue a man who had fallen from his boat and become trapped in the mud. It is understood that the man is stuck in the mud and emergency teams have sent to sent to free and rescue the man. The emergency crews were mobilised just after 9.40 am on Wednesday morning. A cordon has been put in place whilst the teams work on freeing the person. Members of the fire service and the coastguard are using an inflatable path to get to the causality.

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