Baby boy born on board Newquay Coastguard helicopter on route to Hospitial

baby boy born on board newquay coastguard helicopter on route to hospitial

A gorgeous baby boy was born on board a Newquay Coastguard helicopter on Saturday night.

The rescue helicopter took off from the Isle of Scilly on a Mercy mission to take the Mum to Treliske hospital in Cornwall.

During the flight, the helicopter crew delivered the baby at 1,400ft after mother-to-be didn’t make it to the hospital in time from the remote island she had been visiting

The woman was airlifted and was on the way to the nearest maternity ward in Treliske hospital when the coastguard aircrew realised they would have to play midwives along a midwife who was flown over with themselves.

The baby was delivered by the winchman paramedic and the midwife before landing at the hospital, where the child and mother are said to be doing well.

It is understood that the Winch Paramedic visited maternity wards during his paramedic training but that this was his first delivery on a helicopter.

A coastguard source said It all happened so quickly and the training just kicks in. It all went very smoothly. There were no complication. The healthy baby boy is said to be doing well