Two Boys and a Carer from local Home Rescued from Mud in Ryde

two boys and a carer from local home rescued from mud in ryde

Two Boys and a Carer have been Rescued from Mud in Ryde on the Isle of Wight this afternoon. It is understood that the pair ran off from care staff and jumped into the mud in the harbour. A multi-agency rescue operation took place just after 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service and the UK Coastguard with mud rescue equipment pulled the three from the mud using ropes and lines. One of the boys as a result of jumping off a ladder hurt his back and had to be recovered using a basket stretcher by Coastguard Teams from Bembridge and Ventnor.
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A Second person was checked over by paramedics from the Isle of with Ambulance service.
One fire appliance from Ryde and Specialist appliances from Newport with mud rescue equipment was sent to the incident.
[su_youtube url=””] The Boys are understood to have come from a local carer home Ryde house a home that looks after people learning disabilities, through the Isle of Wight. Two firefighters donned water rescue gear to recovery the trio. Whom are all now safe.©UKNIP