Isle of Wight Supermarkets run dry of Fuel

Two major supermarket garages on the Isle of Wight have run dry of fuel for a third time this month. Drivers are facing the juggling challenge of travelling to Lake to fuel up their vehicles that run on diesel. Both Tesco and Asda have advised that they have run dry of Deisel supplies and both have put out signage advising customers. Morrison has confirmed that they would have been hit and been in the same situation but have an alternative mainland supplier who shipped over a supply. They have confirmed this evening (Tuesday) they have a supply. Both Tesco and Asda were contacted this afternoon (Tuesday) advising that no deliveries would be made to either site. It is unclear when supply will be restored. It is understood that the wholesaler Isle of Wight fuels had run dry. Managers are the site said they are working on restoring a supply but couldn’t confirm when this would be available. It is also understood that Tesco is trying to arrange an alternative supply.

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