Newborn Baby and Family Left to rough it streets away from EU Commission

newborn baby and family left to rough it streets away from eu commission

The shocking scene in Brussels as one of many families with a newborn baby is made to sleep on the street on cardboard. Pictures show the newborn tot wrapped in a baby grow and a small blanket sandwiched between the sleeping parents.

This shocking scene would let you think it was some poor third world country. In fact, you’d be mistaken

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This is streets away from EU commission where policy and law are made and changed yet this goes unnoticed night after night with over 1,500 other joining them camped out in doorway begging for coins and food.
Claims are made by many that there is no emergency accommodation or help available.

With a multi-million-pound street upgrade project being built around them. These scenes were captured at 2am in weekday evening in the capital of Belgium. Those passing ignore the site and walk on by as if this is the norm.