LIVE UPDATES: :Fire crews called man trapped trench in Bembridge

live updates fire crews called man trapped trench in bembridge

Fire crews from Newport and Ryde have been called to GP Motor Workshops in Bembridge after a man has become entrapped in a work trench within a workshop on Embankment Road. It is understood that the man fell 8 feet down the inspection pit.

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Two fire crews a rapid response paramedic, a land ambulance and an air ambulance that has landed at the nearby Bembridge Airport are in attendance at the incident. Emergency crews were called just after 1.15pm on Monday afternoon to a man in his 50’s who had taken a fall down a workshop trench.

A road closure has been put in place as it was thought that the air ambulance may land. This is being controlled by the police and a firefighter.

The air ambulance doctor is working with Paramedics to stabilise the man who has been trapped for well over an hour.

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Crews are working to rescue the worker using a scope stretcher whilst paramedic and the doctor has carried out a Rapid sequence induction procedure on the man due to injuries he has received.

UPDATED 2.31pm The man has been successfully recovered into the back of the ambulance for a short transfer to the awaiting helicopter.

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UPDATED 2.42pm Tac Ad Graham Orchard from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service give us details of the incident and the role the fire service played in treating the man. A man in his 50’s has been flown to hospital by Air ambulance

UPDATED: 2.55pm Police and Fire Crews are standing Down from the Incident. GP Motors remains closed with both shutters down. The man has been taken to Southampton General Hospital for treatment. The Road closure has been removed. There are no delays in the area.